Call for expression of interest - Contractors for internships in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland and Malta

In the conduct of its overall duties related to the Walloon Plan Langues, le Forem has put in place a programme whereby Walloon jobseekers are given the opportunity to attend an internship in a company in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland or Malta. The aim being to improve their language and professional skills while experiencing the local culture and especially the local business culture. Those internships have a duration of ten continuous weeks.

To this end, Forem is looking for private local operators able to implement those internships in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland or in Malta. Those private operators shall provide and follow internships and English courses if applicable and provide accommodation according to the terms of reference defined by Forem.  

The purpose of this call for expression of interest is the identification and selection of operators meeting the accreditation criteria.  Jobseekers wishing to participate in this programme shall be assessed and selected at the Headquarters of Forem. Once selected, a trainee shall be given a list with details of the accredited operators from which they can choose. If they wish, candidates may organise the internship on a free basis without operator.