Call for expression of interest

In the conduct of its overall duties, related to the Walloon Plan Langues, le Forem has put in place a programme whereby Walloon jobseekers are given the opportunity to attend intensive courses in language schools. The aim being to improve their language skills in Dutch, English and German, their ability to communicate and ultimately to empower them to find a job.

Jobseekers wishing to participate in this programme shall be assessed through Elao (computerized test + interview) at Le Forem. Once selected, a trainee shall be given a list with details of all accredited schools from which he can choose. No other schools are acceptable to Forem. 

In addition to this programme, Forem funds language programmes for students who have completed their upper-secondary education in order to improve their language skills in Dutch, English or German. 

To this end, Forem wishes to publish a new call for expression of interest to set up a list of accredited schools to help implement these programmes in various countries and regions.  

Eligible schools shall have dedicated premises, offer 20-hour (full hours during 2 or 3 weeks for the jobseekers and 18 weeks for the students) crash courses per week, provide accommodation in the vicinity, as per the provisions of Forem provided for in relevant Terms of Reference. 

For the students the choice is offered to organize the stay with an accredited agency, an accredited school or follow a free stream. 

The purpose of this call for expression of interest is the identification and selection of language schools meeting the accreditation criteria.  

The schools are free to send a service proposal for the programme dedicated to the jobseekers or for the programme dedicated to the students or even for both programmes.